An oil vial to go in wallet | backpack | 72-hour kit | First-aid Kit


When we started working on Oil Vault we were not sure what others would think about it. Sure, we thought it was a great idea, but would others? After all, this was a new way to carry oil for priesthood blessings. 

We are overwhelmed with so many positive responses from everyone. Thanks for everyone's support. Hearing your experiences is really rewarding and makes the long hours and late nights worth it!

We just wanted to share a few experience that others have shared about priesthood blessings, Oil Vault, and strengthening their testimonies.

If you have an experience you would like to share, we would love to hear about it. Please go to our share your experience tab and share! 

Experiences from our customers:

"This is a fantastic idea for members of the church who are in the military. (Props to y'all for sending to overseas military locations without extra cost!) Since its roughly the same size as a Military ID card it'll fit on fitness uniform as well as duty/combat uniform. My keychain oil vial broke off every few months- this is SO much more convenient. You've made a life-long customer."

- Jeff

"Our son is being ordained an elder this month. He is autistic and can't drive and will not carry keys, however he carries a wallet and these are perfect for both him and my husband and myself to carry. A great idea."

- Sarah

"Thanks to Oil Vault, we were able to give a young woman at girls camp a blessing. The Oil Vault definitely turned some heads since nobody had seen oil carried in anything but a vile before."


I always have had trouble with keychain oil vials. I was pleasantly surprised at how slim the Oil Vault is. I had a nephew that needed a blessing while camping. His dad didn't have oil with him so I got to pull my Oil Vault out of my wallet. It turned some heads and it worked great. The next time I saw my brother-in-law I gave him one.


"I bought them to put in my cars, purse, first aid kits and to give some away.  I also wanted to show them to my Bishop and our preparedness committee. I am in the RS Presidency and on the preparedness fair we have coming up. I think this should be an essential. I wanted to have some to show with a note that if they were interested, to contact me so I can give them your info. I think this is a brilliant idea!"

- MaryEllen

"I’m a photographer wannabe and I carry my photo bag with me on shoots and often to my day job at the Church. 

One day a coworker asked for a blessing. No problem! I didn’t carry a vial with me, but I had a container in my desk, one out in my car, and one in my camera bag. I went to get the one in my desk. Not there. I checked my car. Not there. And I didn’t have my camera bag with me that day. I was so embarrassed! Even when I got home, I found there wasn’t one in my bag.

Since that awful day, I now have a vial on my keychain, one in my desk for sure, and one in my car (I think). But my camera bag is getting so full of gear, a thin packet or two of Oil Vault would be amazing! Have you heard of photographers keeping one in a camera bag?

Oil Vault is really cool! I’m going to spread the word. Thanks for this great product."
- Daren

"Truly a fantastic idea. Should be much easier to store and transport. I have bottle in the fridge, but it is in the fridge. My plan is to educate women in our stake, and handout one to every sister in our ward. Also pass on to family for purses, auto kits, 72hr kits, wallets, first aid kits, even baby diaper bags."

"Hey. ..I'm down in mesquite at my daughters soccer tournament. Before I left i grabbed one of my husband's oil vault packets and put it in my wallet. ..I want to keep one at all times on me too. ..well during the game today one of our girls got hurt, possibly broken bone. I grabbed the packet and found 2 dad's on the team. ..before they took her away to the hospital they knelt on the sidelines and gave her a blessing. I am so grateful that I can easily carry this on me. Thank you!!"
– Missy

"So while in Peru we were so blessed to meet up with many awesome people from my husbands mission and we left an oil vault with many. I loved knowing that not only could we leave a gift but in a way we left a blessing. And what better gift to leave with friends who bless our lives!"
– Laura

"I think what you are doing is totally awesome. Something like this has been needed for a long time. I abandoned the oil vial long ago because of a couple messy pocket episodes."
- Dave

"I ordered Oil Vault, after years of frustration with an oil vial. I keep one at my house, but for most circumstances you needs olive oil that is not spoiled, and you don't need a lot of it in order to give a blessing when it is needed. I love that I can be prepared with my wallet alone. Which is pretty much the only item I ALWAYS have on me.

Even my car keys, or phone get left places every once in a while. I have shared it with friends and family, and all of them absolutely love the idea. All of them couldn't wait to get their hands on one, and I'm sure it will mean I might be ordering more soon. Thanks so much for the prompt service! Just a note to anyone buying it, is that Oil Vault does come by USPS, and it easily gets tossed in with all the other junk mail. I love how they are remarkably thin, and work exactly like I had hoped, as well as adding a little bit of a flare to my minimalist, EDC, wallet. Adds utility without adding any bulk whatsoever."
- Adam 


Thanks for sharing everyone!